Sharpening Services

We operate with a line of quality, reliable machines. Our ANCA CNC tool and cutter grinder offers flexibility, speed, and accuracy to tackle a variety of high-precision cutting and drilling tools. ANCA is a world leader in producing versatile machines that are suited to sharpen a wide range of tools within different industries and with different applications. Our manual machines include a selection of grinders from Black Diamond, Cincinnati, Chevalier, K.O. Lee, Kao Ming, and Rush Machinery.

Manufacturing/Custom Applications

We have the capability to manufacture a wide variety of cutting tools. If you need a particular tool that is a non-traditional size with custom geometry we would like to opportunity to create such tool for you. We do not specialize in high production tools but we certainly have the capability and knowledge to assist you with your custom application. Contact us today and we will discuss your applications and needs to fulfill your project.


Are you coating your tools?

Coating your tools may be to your advantage. Coating offers several benefits including:

  - Increased overall tool life

  - Increased wear resistance

  - Increased feeds and speeds

If you need help determining the proper coating for your tools, our expert coating partners will assist in selecting the appropriate coating for your specific application. Have your next order of sharpened tools coated and you will see the benefits!